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This is how Collabodoc started

"My vision is that all patients should feel welcome"

I have always loved my job as a doctor and I have had the privilege of working at both university hospitals, primary care centers and as head of operations at different departments. Everywhere I have been, I’ve always met a commitment of doing what’s best for the patients. All of us who work within healthcare have chosen the profession since we want to help those in need, people who are sick or injured.

However, in recent years, the frustration has increased. Harnessing IT systems, to little time for the patients, deteriorating work environment and dissatisfied patients are unfortunately common within the primary care. I decided to try and do something about it.

My vision is that all patients should feel welcome, to be met professionally and to be involved in their own care. The meeting with the patient therefor needs to be prepared in a different way for the meeting to be as good as possible and to not waste any unnecessary time.

Collabodoc was founded in 2013 and we have developed a concept for the healthcare center where patients with acute problems always should feel welcome. Together with engineers we developed a new and unique software. Our process tool supports a modern way of working with close collaboration, minimal administration and forces the patient to be involved in their own care. Our process tool works together with all journal systems.

As a doctor I can now focus entirely on the meeting with the patient since the documentation takes a few seconds. Time is saved which provides for a better working environment.

Welcome to tomorrow's way of working - already today!

Staffan Bjessmo MD, PhD Cardiothoracis Surgeon, CEO and founder of Collabodoc

Our vision


Better care through better meetings


Our guiding principles

The physical meeting

Meeting physically always provides unique opportunities.

Simple and intuitive

Creating easy and intuitive solutions is essential for its use and appreciation.

Knowledge and evidence

Knowledge and evidence is the basis for quality.

Listen and involve

Fully understanding problems requires a listening. Engaging creates commitment.

Combine skills

Combining skills is developing, resourceful and provides better results.


Being available with the right skills creates trust.

We at Collabodoc


Collabodoc is expanding and we are always looking for new talents who want to become part of our team. If you want to work together with us, do not hesitate to submit a spontaneous job application to info@collabodoc.com.

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