Our offer

Effects from Collabodoc's solution

Satisfied patients

High availability and easy

Less and shorter phone calls

The phone calls are not as many and are also faster to handle

Better teamwork

Safer, more evolving and engaging

Easier documentation

Save time

Stronger economy

Make more resources available and lower the costs

This is how "Lättakuten" works

"The concept has been used more than class="NumberOfVisits" times"

Collabodoc L├Ąttakuten, is a concept supported by a web application for emergency care in primary care. The concept has been used more than class="NumberOfVisits" times and contributed to better accessibility for patients and a more humane working environment for the healthcare professionals.

An open care provides higher availability

A good service, what also reduces phone calls due to fewer and shorter calls.

The patient answers questions prior to the visit

A few carefully selected questions prepare the patient for the visit. The questions can either be answered at home, on the mobile, tablet or computer, or in the waiting room where the nurse can be of help when needed. All questions can be answered in either Swedish, English or German.

The patient get to see a nurse and often also a doctor

The patients needs for care determines whether the visit can be handled by just the nurse.

Close teamwork between the nurse and the doctor

The nurses and the doctors work becomes more fun, more evolving and safer when the teamwork is simple and self-explanatory.

The questions and answers are easily transferred to the journal system

The questions and answers are converted with a button press to a full journal note. Any edits or additions are easily made before the secretary seamlessly copies the text into the health center's journal system.