Our products enable better and easier meetings through digital solutions. Using Collabodoc's products leads to a better work environment and more qualitative care with a more efficient resource allocation.

Collabodoc Lättakuten

Allows the care workers to focus on the patient meeting

Sweden's by far most used and praised system for quickly getting an effective physical patient flow at your health care center. It improves the working environment for the staff and is easy to use for the patient.


Collabodoc Digital Kontakt

The digiphysical way of working - it won't get easier than that

A vibrant fresh and agile tool to offer your patients great accessibility at any time of the day. At the same time, this means a well-structured process for nurses and doctors to handle the incoming digital requests. Well thought through, smart and smooth! An easy way to get started with a digiphysical approach.


Collabodoc Sjukskrivning

Reduces completions to Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency)

A modern tool that facilitates writing sick leave certificates and frees up time for doctors and rehab coordinators. Completely adapted to Webcert and creating unique opportunities to facilitate an often demanding task.

Coming soon

Collabodoc Psykisk Hälsa

Effective digital support in meeting patients experiencing different sorts of mental illness

A tool designed to create valuable meetings for psychologists and doctors who treat patients experiencing different sorts of mental illness. As always, our tools are easy to use, free up time for the patient meeting and give the user time and opportunity to develop in their profession.

Coming soon

Collabodoc Bokat Besök

Give the patient time and questions to think about before the visit

There you go, finally the long-awaited follow-up to Collabodoc Lättakuten is on it's way! All booked visits can now be handled by this new Collabodoc process tool. The patient feels more prepared, the doctor receives smooth documentation support and more time can be spend on the most valuable activity of all: the patient meeting.

Collabodoc Lättakuten is an approved medical device. All data transfer is encrypted over HTTPS and processed in accordance with GDPR and PDL.