Collabodoc Direktmottagning

Allows the care workers to focus on the patient meeting

Sweden's by far most used and praised system for quickly getting an effective physical patient flow at your health care center. It improves the working environment for the staff and is easy to use for the patient.

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Work flow

Remote registration

The patient fills in a questionnaire prior to the visit

A small number of questions prepare the patient for the visit. The questions can either be answered at home, on a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, or on site in the waiting room where a nurse can help if needed. The questions are available in Swedish, English and German.

More details

Through every new customer and collaboration we have deepened our knowledge and gained new insights.

Easy to get started

Collabodoc has a proven start package

For every new customer getting started with Lättakuten, Collabodoc takes care of the project management and guides the operations manager throughout the whole process. Staffan Bjessmo and Hillevi Bengtsson have extensive leadership experience and make a visit at the customer site at startup. We work to ensure that the employees easily can get started with this new way of working and thereby get better accessibility, a better working environment and a better financial result.

Close teamwork between nurse and doctor

Fun and developing

The work of the health care staff becomes more fun, more developing, and safer when the collaboration is simple and obvious.

Customize Collabodoc Direktmottagning to your brand

White-label solution

All businesses look different and have unique conditions. Therefore, customizable solutions are required. Collabodoc Direktmottagning can easily be customized to your particular business. Both functionality and graphic design can be adjusted.

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Collabodoc Lättakuten is an approved medical device. All data transfer is encrypted over HTTPS and processed in accordance with GDPR and PDL.